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  • 1. Every student must complete 80% of school attendance to appear in the Annual Examination. In a very rare and genuine case shortage of only 5% attendance is consolable by the Principal.
  • 2. Attendance of every student is compulsory in morning assembly.
  • 3. Every student must be present at the time of roll call in the classroom.
  • 4. Absence for any session of a day without any leave application means a fine of one rupee and name will be is struck off the rolls after continuous absence for six days.
  • 5. Attendance in school functions, co-curricular activities, evening games, extra classes is equally compulsory and same norms are applicable for all activities of the school.
  • 6. No leave application will be entertained if it is not properly endorsed by the parents or authorised guardian.
  • 7. For Board classes (X, XII), less than 75% attendance makes a student ineligible for appearing in the exam. The School principal has no discretion to condone the required limit, he can only recommend such cases to the Chairman, C.B.S.E. for condonation. Rules laid down by the Board in this regard are final.

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